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03/27/18 The Event Rainbow Cloud and UFO Sightings

Good morning friends! What a glorious day it is ;) Last night, my son alerted me to something he and his girlfriend were watching out of the window to the west. We live in Northeast NY, very close to the Canadian Border. "

Myself & the kids just witnessed a UFO hovering for about 15 minutes. I’m not great with direction, but I believe it was in the western sky in northeast NY. It had things shooting up and out of it. It seemed to move further and further away. I tried to capture it on video but my camera wouldn’t focus! Something came up to it, flashed a red light, then it was gone! This is the second one we’ve seen in about 6 - 8 months!! So COOL! "

Of course, I received the usual messages of nay sayers, telling me that it was a Border Drone flying, but that's ok. Everyone has their own set of beliefs, and I accept that.

What I find super interesting is, this morning, while checking my Facebook comments, someone posted at Fox News 10 Phoenix, AZ Breaking News of a Rainbow Cloud sighting. (Thanks Jill!) Now the Weather Channel has their own scientific explanation of these. However, my question is, why now? Why so many? Especially with all of the postings of The Event starting, and how it is supposed to come in a Rainbow Cloud form or wave! Coincidence? I'm not so sure about that! Especially since I really don't believe in coincidences. :)

Here's some of the photos from the Fox News 10, Phoenix, Arizona viewers:

And a couple of weeks ago in Texas was another Facebook user's post:

And a close up of 2 of her photos <3

So why am I giving you all of these photo posts? Well as usual, I also pulled an ArchAngel Oracle Card to share with you all, and you would not believe the card that came up! I was so shocked, I had to sit down. I know Source/God/Universe has an awesome way of getting messages across, however I still get jolted from time to time. <3

Today's Card is a message from Source/God/Universe and The Archangel Raguel. I believe it is a true message of The Event that is occurring right now. The time has come and love will be felt by all.

Tell me, what do you see in this card? A RAINBOW!!!!! <3

Archangel Raguel says, "We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now." I'd like to add to this message from Source/God/Universe, "Do not be afraid, dear ones. Your suffering is over. All that is, is changing. Everything you have known is transmuting in love and light. Do not listen to the fear. Have faith, trust in LOVE (all that is). You are all a part of this and loved immeasurably."

And with that, I say, Good Day! <3

Love & Light

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