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03/26/18 The Event is here Love is Rising

Haven't you noticed the change in there air? If you haven't, I suggest you take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Put down your phones, put down your social media, turn your face away from the latest news and just take a moment and look towards the sky. Whether it is daytime, or nighttime, the new arriving, loving energy is palpable.

I posted a video on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago. One moment the weather was like a winter wonderland, here in Northeast NY, and the next, there was a brilliant energy pouring forth! While it wasn't my finest hour on camera, and I was so tired and trying to recover from energy shifts, I had to put vanity aside and share it with everyone. Witness it for yourself!

The internet is abuzz with The Event that is coming. So many people are posting videos, blogs, articles, etc. Each person has their own take on how it is supposed to to happen, what is coming, and who will be affected.

It does not matter if you have heard of The Event. It does not matter if you believe in The Event. It does not matter if you loathe or fear The Event. Love is Winning. The Event is supposed to be something that is coming to raise everyone's vibration. It is nothing to fear; It is a mass awakening for all. No longer will we continue to live under the veil of ignorance. No longer will we live in fear, distrust, or hate. All of it is being transmuted through Love & Light. There will be no more misunderstanding, no more anger, and no more violence. Gone are the old ways of thinking and the old ways of lacking. We will move forward in truth, honesty, integrity, abundance, and love.

What's going to happen? How will it affect us? No one really has the complete answer to what is going to happen to each individual. Some will have a truly eye opening experience, some will see it coming, and others will feel it. Some will also decide not to stay in their body, in this life, and choose to reincarnate. (Haven't you noticed an oddly amount of people expiring?) That is because we all have the choice. This choice happens at a soul level, with your higher self, and Source. Spend some time connecting. Sit with yourself, just be, and the love will flow.

What should we do to prepare for The Event? Well, we've had lots of predictions that The Event was supposed to happen the end of March, 2018. Some say it has already begun. However, preparation is not necessary. I only urge all to come from a place of love in any situation in your life. This can be a daunting task for some, but for your own sake, it is necessary. Again, I say, spend some time connecting, sit with yourself, put the intention forth of expansion, and feel the love flow. You can do this by sitting near the window in the sun, being outside in nature, or just sitting thinking about these things. Loving intention is all it takes.

No one is perfect, and The Event is nothing to stress about. It is going to be the most beautiful, loving experience known to mankind. There is absolutely no thing that you could do wrong and be turned away or not chosen for The Event. Love is all, and all is Love. Know that you are loved.

Love & Light

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