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Sun Source Victory Love and Light

The sun is finally shining again in the Northeast US region. Thank God. The sun has been gone so long, I was beginning to forget what it looked like. It seems I can only feel inspired when the sun is at my back, connecting with my entire spinal column. Oh how I've missed thee! It seems as if it has been a month since I've seen its beautiful rays.

This morning my life still lay heavy with burdens. There are those I still assist who know not of what my life currently consists of. For those of you who do know, my favorite saying is, "It's my job to walk through the fire first to show you the way." Speaking with someone yesterday, the question arose as to why so much has fallen down on us as of late. To which I reply, There are those beings that wish to break me. My light shines SO bright, that they cannot stand before it. I chose to let God/Source/Universe to guide me. I KNOW there is a greater plan and I have absolute FAITH that we will get there unharmed.

Today I felt the call to Jesus. I pulled cards from my Jesus deck and would like to expand on them if I may, Jesus willing. As I sit in the sun, I feel an overwhelming feeling of peace, love, and acceptance.

The first card drawn, "Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest". (Matthew 11:28) While creating this article, I got news of my father's passing. (Just after my strong sensation to pull from the Jesus cards.) I feel as if this card is specifically for me, as well as all of you because we are all ONE. Let go of your cares, worries, trials, tribulations. When you strip away all that is false, all that is troublesome, all that is negative, what is it that remains? Love. Put your faith in Love, this is what saves us all. God/Universe/Source reaches an etherical hand out to you, telling you it is okay to let it go. It is okay to turn it over to a Higher Power. It is okay to say, "I need your help."

The second card drawn, "Your faith hath saved you; go in peace." (Luke 7:50). Again, another message meant for me to share with you all. Christ Consciousness is real. For those of you unsure, I am here to tell you. It IS real. So many of you get caught up in books (like the one I just quoted), and caught up in religions. So many rules and so many stories. There is but one, TRUE, Universal law. LOVE. Having faith does not mean you have to worship someone. Having faith just means that you believe in the power of something greater than yourself. You do not have to go to a church to prove this. You do not need to spend countless hours praying to prove this. You do not have to promise your life savings to save yourself. What you do need to do is find the path of love. We are all ONE. The good, the bad, and the in between. Male, female, transgender, crossgender, animal, and plants. EveryTHING is connected. Not one is more special or different than the other. ALL are loved by the Universe/Source/God immeasurably and unconditionally. All are welcome within the peace of the Universal Light. Love is all there is when you strip away everything else. When you strip away the fear, anger, jealousy, hate, and anything else that is false, what do you have left? A bare, naked soul, which only light remains. EveryONE is this at their very core.

The third card drawn today, is the Victory! Card. Archangel Sandalaphon brings you a message of greatness. "Your prayers have been heard and answered. Have faith." Two different card decks, and two identical messages. The beautiful rainbow wings remind me of messages of The Event, and Ascension. God/Source/Universe is lifting us all up, stripping away all of the false, all of the hurt, and all of the hate. We are within grasp of the most beautiful, peaceful, loving existence. It may seem like a never ending processes, a never ending pile of baggage swinging at you, but Victory! is here. The Love, the Light, is coming forth, just like the sun finally shining forth today after an endless month of clouds, snow, and rain. I choose to let Love & Light to rain down on me. I choose to not be hurt, sad, or angry. I ABSOLUTELY KNOW that regardless of where we are, at what point in our life, or what situation we are dealing with, Love and Light will ALWAYS shine the way out of the darkness. BE at peace. Choose to let the Love and Light of God/Source/Universe shine down on you.

Love & Light

I love you Daddy. I saw you dancing and I know your suffering is over. <3

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