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Mother Mary a message of Peace

Before I pull a card to share, I always look at all the loving decks of cards I have. All of them contain messages of love and light, because I allow no other into my life. I'm always curious which deck will speak to me. More often than not, it's usually my deck of Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. I find it serendipitous that the card that I drew today was from a completely different deck, but totally congruent to the message from Source/God/Universe & Jesus on Easter Eve. Today's deck that I was drawn to (I almost went against my better judgement and chose another) was the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray.

If you remember the message from Easter Eve, it spoke of Love, and all there is IS love. God/Source/Universe and Jesus both delivered similar messages. (If you missed the Easter Eve message, go see it here.) AGAIN today, even though a completely different day, and a completely different deck, the message is the same. LOVE. <3

Yesterday was a day filled with turmoil for me, personally. This card brings me great solace. Mother Mary has a message to share on this day. (Please remember, although Mother Mary is related and part of certain religions, she is not denominationally biased. She loves everyone, regardless of religion.)

"Dear Children, the time has come for peace. You are all working so hard on bringing up past discretions, past trauma, past troubles, and pain and releasing them. I know it has been a very hard time for you all. Some feel lost, some feel stuck, and some are just completely not aware. It is a time of healing for all, regardless of your awareness. We bring messages of love and peace because the time has come for love and peace to be all that is. Your world will breathe a giant sigh of relief, and all will feel it. Hold fast to your Light. It was given to you for a reason. No matter the circumstances, no matter the loss, no matter the situation, all is just an illusion to deter you from the Light. Hold onto the Light. Love is the saving Grace given to you by God. It is here to conquer all. Hold it in your heart for even the darkest of days, for it is ALWAYS there. Do not give up. I promise you, peace is coming. It is going to take the majority -- Light-holders, Way-showers, Path-makers, Peace-makers holding onto the Light and shining it forth to transmute and bring all forward to the new way. Those who walk the path know, and they are the ones suffering for you. Just like Jesus. And just like my Son, all will rise up, and all will be of Love & Light. The darkness, the veils will finally fall away.

To the Light-holders, Way-showers, Path-makers, & Peace-makers: You are helping others. You are holding the Christ-Energy for all. You are the way. For every moment you hold the Light, another is affected. Do not give up. Every breath you take, helps someone. Belief and Intention for the Love, is all it takes to awaken another to the Light. Hold fast, Dear Ones. You are growing in numbers because you shine.

You are all loved immeasurably."

And with that, I leave you in Love & Light

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