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I have a dream to change the World

YOU can change the World!

What if just one person could change the world? What if one person decided that they were the one being who decided that they were big enough to make such an impact on the entire existence of humankind? You may shake your head and scoff. No one is THAT powerful. We are not the Creator. How could one person have so much influence that they could affect everyone? Only God can do that?!

See that's the thing! We are all creations of Source. A little bit of the Universe lives inside all of us. Every single one of us. The good, the bad, the in between; we are all reflections of particles of the One. We are all interconnected and intertwined with one another. Don't believe me? Any single one person you know, knows someone else. That someone else knows another. And another knows someone different. An infinity of links. One by one, created by the One, through the One, and never ending. Infinity.

So if we are all connected, linked, intertwined, how is possible to NOT change the World with just one person? All it takes in ONE person lifting a hand to another. One person saying, "I know how to help you. I understand what you are going through." ONE person creates a ripple effect onto the next and onto the next. Over and over, infinity. Sometimes all it takes is telling someone you understand, or that it's ok, or I love you. Words are so powerful! Lifting others up is so important.

I've been doing this Soul Warrior Cleanse and it has totally opened my eyes. I can't believe the things it has brought forth in me, especially self realizations. We are all amazing, powerful beings!

So here I stand, Christie Wallace, The Angel Lady, and I am lifting my hand to you. Here is my small act. I decide here and now that I am the ONE to change the World. One person at a time. I am telling you that I understand. I have been through it too and I LOVE YOU! It does not matter, you are loved, you are special, you are amazing, and you deserve everything that you want. Won't you do the same for someone else? Soul Warrior Cleanse has brought me to this. Join the movement with me.

Love & Light,

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