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I aspire.

Volopreneur Christie Wallace

Following the death of my father, I took some time off from doing anything. I stayed away from social media, I took some time to myself, and just tried to be me. I disconnected from all. In that time since, I have had some clarification of self and also went through a series of clearing past lifetimes as well as current lifetime issues. I have had two months of purging of my past, things that I had forgotten about, or buried, came to the forefront for me to deal with. A cleansing of the soul, so to speak.

I'm not an Astrologer, although I do have those that I follow that speak of the planetary movements and alignments, etc. All I can do is share with you how I feel. The energy has been immense over the past two weeks. People have been experiencing super high emotions, good and bad, and that's okay. This is exactly what is supposed to be happening. We are all purging, and cleansing our souls. Each person is different, yet all are connected. Some people are feeling super happy, some ultra sad, others are experiencing pain, and some even super pleasures! All of this is in Divine Order. Each being affects the other, whether you know it, feel is, or see it, it IS so. The best advice that I can give you right now, is to just let it be. Feel the feelings. If it gets too intense, just ask your Angels to dial it back a notch, so that it is more bearable for you. All is in perfect order. <3

With the clearing I have been experiencing, I was guided to create the image with my aspiration directed toward all of you.

I aspire to be a giver.

A giver of love,

a giver of good vibes,

and a giver of strength.

Let me give to you. <3

Love & Light,

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