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03/19/18 Guidance & All about Soul Groups & Lineage

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

A perfect card that comes up today as I think about discussing how Souls are created. It is time. We are all waking up to the new and wonderful possibilities within us. The things that you thought were coincidence or you were just a "little crazy", is turning out to be not so crazy any more. We all are living during a time when all of consciousness is shifting and raising. Things that used to be frowned upon, or thought of as taboo, are no longer as such. Yes, there are still those who hang onto their "old way" for dear life, and that is still okay. It is a time of remembering who YOU are and living YOUR life to the fullest and highest good. The people who are still in those "old ways of thinking", that is THEIR path, and their journey to learning that there is much MORE to life than this! So today, Archangel Michael is saying, "You ARE a powerful, loving, creative child of God/Universe/Source. You are VERY loved." Go forth and spread the love and light. Now join me in saying, I AM!! <3

So I met this wonderful person a few weeks ago, who took me under his wing. It has been a very steadfast, stay the course, full time of learning for myself. He has taught me so much and with great kindness and patience. A true mentor to the core. Our time differences have made it quite challenging to connect at first. +14 hours difference! However, the Universe has changed our sleep patterns, sensitivities to each other, and lots of other synchronicities to accommodate my desire to expand my consciousness as far as I can go, and to fulfill my enormous desire to learn. It is awe inspiring what the Universe can do when you put your full intention into it. The Universe put us together for a reason. We have grown to be a wonderful team, counterbalancing each other in complete love & light.

So from all this time spent learning, I give you what I have absorbed from our time spent together.

So from what I understand. There is God/Universe/Source

From God/Universe/Source there were original souls created (born). 12 original souls to each Soul Group. These Original Souls called Monads, which are Seraphim Angels formed groups under Archangels. An Archangels oversee each group. (Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Melchizedek, Uriel, Ariel, etc.) These Monads then split into 2 souls. Twin Flames (Cherubim). The Cherubim souls are called Line 1 of the soul group. The Cherubim each split again into 2 souls called splitsouls Line 2. Line 2 splits into 2 each, creating Line 3. Line 3 splits into 2 each, creating Line 4. And on and on. This goes on and on for however many lines. I am not sure how many lines but I believe there are 144,000 soul splits from each Archangel group.

Each split has a Divine Feminine and a Divine Masculine. I'll save that discussion for another day <3

Love & Light

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