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Easter Dreams a Message from Source and Jesus

Let me say first, that I am NOT a predictor. I do not predict things. So please, when I write about my silly little dream, do not take it at face value. I was guided to share this message to bring comfort and ease fears this Easter Eve.

I woke up this morning dreaming of writing in my blog. I recall sitting at my tiny little wooden table, in the morning sunshine. (Which we really haven't had any all week in northeast NY, but today we do!!) I was writing about seismic activity. Earthquakes. I don't recall exactly what I was talking about but I have the vague recollection of reporting activity out west. Not big news, really. Not really that detailed at all. But the dream that I had let me to the message I received this morning from Source/God/Universe and Jesus.

As always, I drew a card from my Archangel Oracle Deck. Today's card that I drew was Comfort. "Archangel Azrael says: I am with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal." It is time to take charge of your heart. It is time to bring all those past events, those past traumas, up to the surface and release them. No matter what your life lessons were that you CHOSE to take on in this life, it is your responsibility to love yourself enough to take the steps to let them go. You do not need to know how. There is no perfect process. The only thing you need to have is the intention to release them. Ask for help. Give them over to God/Source/Universe and the Angelic Team.

A message received from Source: All there is room for now, is Love. Take comfort in the message that all will be well. You are all safe and loved. Everything that is happening is for the highest good of all. Even the dark is being transmuted through love and light. Some will raise their vibration and upgrade their energy, and some will move onto other planes to continue their learning. It is so important that all remember at this time, that you are eternal. There is no End.

Throughout history and religions, each have had their own story as to how The End will happen. The truth is, there is no end, and there is no beginning. There just IS. IS is the same as I AM. Miscommunication, fear, and doubt has crept into so many beautiful concepts of religion. Fear is the opposite of I AM. Fear is, I am not.

Things are changing. I know you all have seen or felt some part of what is going on. It seems the Bad is really stirring up, and it is triggering all of the Good to rise up. This is a process, that is necessary. Necessary to all those yet to awaken, necessary to all those who are waking up, and necessary to all those who are already awake. Within each moment is a Divine Lesson for all. A Divine Lesson of Love. You are all loved immeasurably.

For those of you who celebrate Easter, and the rising of Jesus, a message comes through from Him as well:

"When I was in my human form, regardless of the trials that I faced, all that ever came from Me was Love. My life was given to show all of you this. This is the key to everything. To all your questions, to all of your prayers, to all of your trials. When I walked from the tomb, my trial was over. The only thing left was Love. There was no more hurt, no more pain. Don't focus on the suffering. Focus on the LOVE that I tried to teach to all. This was the reason for My living for YOU, and My dying for YOU. Love. I AM YOU. You are ME. If you realize you are made in the perfect image of God/Source/ Universe, pair it with each commandment taught by Moses, and intertwine the Divine message of Love, you get a beautiful harmony. "

  1. You shall have no other gods before Me. (I AM you, you are me. Love yourself, for you are me.)

  2. You shall not make idols. (I AM you, you are me. There is no need to worship or envy another. You are pure love created in the perfect image and likeness of God.)

  3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. (I AM you, you are me. Speaking word of Love for yourself and know that you speak works of Love to God/Source/Universe.)

  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (I AM you, you are Me. Remember to love yourself, and care for yourself, for you are holy.)

  5. Honor your father and your mother. (I AM your father and your mother. I AM you, and you are Me. Loving and honoring them, honors and loves yourself, and Me.)

  6. You shall not murder. (I AM you, and you are Me. The answer is Love.)

  7. You shall not commit adultery. (I AM you, and you are Me. Love is the answer.)

  8. You shall not steal. (I AM you, and you are Me. Love is the answer. Where there is love, there is abundance.)

  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (I AM you, and you are Me. The answer is Love.)

  10. You shall not covet. (I AM you, you are me. There is no need to worship or envy another. You are pure love created in the perfect image and likeness of God.)

The first 4 commandments pertain to loving God/Source/Universe and the last 4 pertain to loving others. Why do you think this is? The answer is very, very simple. I AM YOU, AND YOU ARE ME. Love is all there is. "

I honestly have no idea how any of this message came about. I truly intended to write about earthquakes and bug out bags. Apparently Source/God/Universe and Jesus had other ideas. :) I guess I shall leave that blog post for another time <3

Love and Light

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