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What is Angel Reiki?

Angel Reiki is the use of original Reiki (Energy Healing) with the integration of Angelic beings. Calling upon the Archangels  (who are non denominational & will help anyone who calls on them) and asking them for additional assistance while channeling the white light of the universe through my being and into yours. An interesting experience to say the least, Angel Reiki was born through my first Usui Reiki class, when I placed my hands on a woman and messages from angels came flowing through. No two session are the same experience, or the same message.  

An Angel Reiki Session consists of lying on a massage table for about 60 minutes while I place my hands on your head, shoulders, heart center, abdominal area, legs, knees, feet, back, back of legs, and where I am guided. Messages sometimes flow through, and energy is felt. (It's important to note, this is not a massage.) A very relaxing, loving, and angelic experience.

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