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03/19/18 Daily Guidance Life Review

As we move into The Event that is fast approaching us, I find it quite endearing how the Angel Cards interlock with one another on a daily basis. Nothing is coincidence. Listen to your inner calling.

Many of you are going through something of a life review. Do you have memories kicking back up from when you were little? Tramatic, physcial, emotional, and everything in between. That kid that used to pick on you in Elementary school suddenly re-surfacing in your thoughts? That ex that you had long put in the past seemingly suddenly coming back to haunt you? Silly little fights from someone in your family or friendship circle resurfacing to your memory? Nothing is insignificant. It is all happening for a reason.

Because the Earth (Gaia) is moving into 5D and out of the old 3D paradigm, everything that you thought you had taken care of, forgotten about, or just plain shoved way down inside is resurfacing. Why? Because the energetic vibration of the Earth is increasing, and for you to increase with it, you must shed the emotional baggage of the 3D world we live in.

Ascension is something that is happening. Whether you believe in it or not. You do not have to have certain religious beliefs to feel the energy changing in this world. All you have to do is have eyes to see, and a heart to feel. So it is time to crack open that inner self. Archangel Jeremiel says, "Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced." More importantly, take inventory of what does not serve you and let it go. Give it over to God/Source/Universe and let the angels take it away. It does absolutely nothing for you to hang onto it. If you feel you are struggling with letting go, ask for help. It does not take organized religion, it does not take self sacrifice, all it takes is the willingness to say, "Please help me to release this. It no longer serves me."

Love & Light

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